Processing Opinions
From Millennials




What do you care about?


Lead UX & UI Designer



The Problem

The young adults charity, Vinspired, was looking to gather data from 16 to 25 year olds, for their latest project theme 'What do people care about?'. The initial way to do this was to create a 10 page survey to be completed by charity workers collecting information on the high street. The charity wanted the opinions of young adults on a range of themes which were then to be presented to politicians.

The Idea

We created a direct link to MP's through an innovative robot that was placed in the House's of Parliament. The robot was hooked up to a website whereby politicians could get a live feed of thoughts and opinions from young adults. This was intertwined with other challenging questions which then showed a dynamic animation of data visualised answers.

The Results

Over 20,000 young adults completed the themed questionaires, exceeding expectations.
It was awarded BIMA Winner of Best Installation.