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To Investments


Interactive Investor


Consumer Website


Lead UX & UI Designer


Digitas LBi

The Brief

A leader amongst investment platforms and used predominately by arm chair investors, Interactive Investor wanted to create a more humanised approach to their product incorporating the new identity designed by Wolf Olins.

A Solution for all Customers

Working closely with the client, we produced a set of proto-persona's with a profile breakdown. This was matched to their investment tasks, ranging from saving documents to creating a demo portfolio. We explored many ideas which would make it simpler to use and easier to understand.

The Concept

A fresh and clean approach was created to compliment the new identity. Investors could build their own demo or real portfolio by using the simple investment manifesto tool.

Investor and Peer Portfolios

The shape of the 'i' led to a suitable graphic device to hold information. The dot seemed the perfect choice to contain the pie chart data. The following designs show the portfolio breakdown and interaction elements.

Responsive Mobile Website

Utilising Angular 2 technology would mean that data would load much quickly and efficiently making it ideal for mobile coverage.

News Feed and Articles

The body of the 'i' was used to contain the news feeds based on the funds chosen. These snippets would then launch into full blown articles.

Community Peers

Investors are able to learn from each other by sharing knowledge and exchanging tips. Multiple investors are featured and other investors are able to see who has similar investment goals.