The Dark Side
Of The Internet




Web App Tool


Lead UX & UI Designer



The Scope

Google tackles the darkside of the internet on a daily basis. Subjects such as illegal pornography, email scams and internet security threats are key themes. Google actively blocks illegal content and attacks frequently. We were asked to create a rich and engaging experience showcasing the data while utilising cutting edge web technologies. A resource tool was required for the internal teams in the U.S primarily as a supporting feature for conferences.

UX Development

Complex sets of data were illustrated through graphic visualisations and simple interactions. Some data was best represented in either a 2D or 3D map format.

The Interactive

A serious theme about shocking subject matters led to the use of a reflective colour treatment. We pushed the approach in using Web GL to create an immersive experience both in 2D and 3D aspects. A key challenge was conveying the multifaceted datasets through minimalist graphics, engaging interactions and animation.

Style and Interaction Guide

I created the end to end design production of the immersive interactive. Collaborating with a team of a Producer and 4 x Creative Technologists, we were able to deliver a serious and innovative experience. I directed the developers with the creation of a detailed style guide which outlined the micro-interactions and design nuances.

Key Screens

There were 3 main sections which delved deep into the datasets and broke down further to the method of delivery.