Re-imagining Customer Loyalty






Lead UX & UI Designer


Else / Wunderman

The Scope

In a competitive market Shell needed to rethink how they could retain existing customers. Shell were introducing a new payment system with the aim to integrate the existing loyalty points scheme. We examined the motorists journey on and off the forecourt which led to potential opportunities.

Identifying Opportunities

As a scoping project we generated a whole range of ideas and stimuli. This allowed key stakeholders to give their opinions and experience into the future of customer loyalty, within an immediate to long-term time frame whether at home, work or on the forecourt. The conclusion was to hold a workshop with key stakeholders eventually leading to potential future projects for Shell UK.

Ideation Cards

Leading a team of 3 other designers, we created a set of around 50 ideas which, aligned to the experience and brand principles, were time-based around 3, 6, and 12 months of getting to market. Ideas ranged from small - fuel discounts, to big - home fuel delivery subscription service. Below is a sample of the ideation cards that were created. Illustrations by Andry Ratovondrahona.

Future of Loyalty Workshop

We invited a range of Shell representatives from Forecourt Area Managers, IT Managers to the UK Marketing Managers. Separated into small groups, moderators encouraged the group to vote and discuss each idea and the possibilities of making them a reality.

Personalised Experience

Ideas discussed in the session were tied together into a single motorist app. Each user would have their own tailored homescreen with modules that were either selected or recommended by the team.

Modular Ideas

Adhering to the Shell design guidelines, I mocked up some of the ideas to show how they would fit into each experience for motorists.