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– I’m Anand Nagrick, an end-to-end digital craftsman and product design leader who creates products and services for everyone, not just for the digitally savvy.

– I'm currently working across global B2B and B2C products at Airalo, an eSIM specialist global store, where I am establishing a diverse and collaborative product design team.

– This website is a little teaser and outline of my approach as a experienced Principal Product Designer from the UK.

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Rumbo App visuals


Rumbo is a journey planning app for commuters who use both formal and informal public transport across emerging cities like Bangkok, Mexico City, and Lima.


I worked on a variety of improvements to Rumbo during my time at WhereIsMyTransport increasing retention and growth. These ranged from collaborating with the product team on iterations across the app, to being part of the core vision team, structuring and facilitating asynchronous workshops, resulting in a focus for the future roadmap.

To see the full case study please do get in touch directly.
Mexico City photos
Bangkok photos


Collector is an in-field data collection tool (originally built by WhereIsMyTransport in 2018) for capturing public transport route and station information in emerging cities across the globe.


I created a new refreshed brand in 2022 for Collector and also replaced the previous collection process, which used google forms, with a more robust and efficient set of user friendly features and functions. This led to a huge reduction in overall maintenance and business costs.

To see the case study please do get in touch.
Collector App visuals
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– Every design problem is different and therefore deserves a bespoke solution. From my experience working with many product agencies this can be achieved through a multitude on variations of the double diamond creative process.

– I begin by listening and talking to the right people. Gathering insights from the business helps to uncover the challenges faced. Talking to key stakeholders allows me to gain different perspectives on the core requirements and objectives.

– A fundamental understanding of customers needs, obtained by looking through their lens is essential in proving or disproving any initial assumptions.

All done through a variety of activities:

workshops - interviews - surveys
competitor analysis - Data analysis

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– For me the most exciting part is seeing the product come to life. I often create sketches based on the outputs of workshops, which are then quickly tested with customers, be it guerilla or lab based. These allow for a distillation of ideas to progress into an MVP with user flows mapped out and stitched into wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes, again tested in the field.

– Alongside this, the beginnings of a look and feel materialises to create a more polished product. Careful consideration is given to interactions and motion design constructed to form another prototype ready to run in more usability tests.

All done through a variety of activities:

Ideation - wireframes - Concepts - designs
prototyping - motion interactions - Mobile maps
user flows - content strategy - Usability Testing

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– Working closely with a cross-functional engineering team allows me to refine the experience and concentrate on the nuances of different devices on the products designated platforms be it mobile or web.

– Adept in agile and scrum framework, I'm able to collaborate with the engineering and data teams to create designs and cohesion through design reviews and show and tells. I'm constantly looking to push our teams to achieve rich engaging end-user experiences, yet always being mindful of multiple business constraints of feasibility and viability.

All done through a variety of activities:

information architecture schematics - artwork assets - motion and interactions - style guides
Design system - Hand over documentation
device testing

I've worked with...

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Plus many other brands and many other startups within a huge range of sectors including fintech, health-tech, transport, retail, media, and education.
Some kind words

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Working with Anand meant I could rely on a Lead who could function autonomously, inspire his team, and self-start. He's a superb mentor and educator, of both designers and broader disciplines. Anand is able to strike that fine balance of creating parity between user and business needs, and championing the development of open and accessible products.

He's a great collaborator and instigator; if he sees an opportunity for people to learn or collaborate with one another he'll use one of his many (engaging) workshops to bring people together to dig into the best possible, achievable solution. Anand's always looking to level up, not just the quality of the work but his own abilities, too.

TL;DR he's a brilliant designer and leader...his jokes though, they'll get you through a sluggish afternoon.



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Anand is a user champion, through and through. He consistently helped bring the team back to the user every step of the way to ensure we kept our eye on solving real problems. Anand did this with a large multi-disciplinary team, engaging and collaborating with everyone from engineers, other designers, product managers and research teams. He created a space that invited wild ideas to be free, and then ultimately refined into something that moved us closer to business success.

Anand's work is informed, user-centric and of the highest technical quality I have seen. The bonus? Anand can crack some pretty gnarly dad jokes and always knows how to get the team laughing, even during the difficult times.



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Anand is a one-of-a-kind product designer. He's a great leader, and working with him is a privilege. When he joined WhereIsMyTransport, he levelled up the design team, and as we have grown, he has ensured that we are consistently challenging our creative thinking, elevating our designs and putting in place processes that mean we can get the best out of the wider team. He can naturally bring a multidisciplinary team together and get the best out of them, making everyone feel heard and valued; he makes this look easy, which it isn't. Anand has made async working fun by putting together workshops/jams and encouraging people to engage, meaning everyone understands our user problems and is trying their best to solve them.

Along with all of this, Anand is just a genuinely good human. I really enjoy working with him, he's taught me a lot and been there to support me. He's super chill and fun to be around. His jokes are the best.



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Anand has a unique combination of skills that made him pivotal to our project's success. His deep knowledge of the design craft, with the maturity and foresight to anticipate how different techniques can add value to our mission, coupled with strategically bringing different pieces of the experience together ensured our client had a clear understanding of how our product strategy translated into designs and how the product itself can add value to customers and the business respectively.



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The project we worked together on really highlighted the power of a switched-on and tech-savvy designer. He has the ability to know when to really push back on decisions he knows are wrong or are diminishing to the quality for a product. Anand works quickly and methodically, never missing a beat whilst producing exactly what you wanted first time around and three other variations to really help understand what the options are. Anand is a gentlemen, a team-player, an absolute laugh-riot and is easily up there as one of the best I've ever worked with.



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His attention to detail and passion for flawless experience design, means that you can trust that anything he works on is going to be underpinned with solid rationale and his years of experience are evident in his work. Anand is clearly a fantastic designer, but its also his commitment, his directness and ability to see the fun in each project, that also makes him great to work with.



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Anand has been a real pleasure to work with, delivering highly creative work that fits the brief perfectly. He brings an excellent mix of IA, UX, creativity and service design thinking to the work. He has a great ability to quickly understand the brief and context, and draw on his experience to help improve and develop concepts.



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– My Linkedin profile lists my experience and has many more recommendations and honest words from former peers, mentees, and managers.

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